High Value Residential Property

When a client is carrying out a residential purchase or sale, it is usually their prime focus at that time. The responsiveness and efficiency of our service is key. We pride ourselves on our partner-led service and on the professional and practical advice that we provide.

Our clients include individuals or companies (often registered offshore) acquiring residential property for personal use, investment or development purposes, together with banks, lenders and LPA Receivers, as well as working with leading London agents.

When carrying out transactions we utilise internal expertise in construction and dispute resolution matters, together with the firm's extensive links with offshore law firms, barristers, valuers and tax advisers.

We undertake the following work:
  • Acting for clients on the purchase and sale of houses and apartments in Central London, the Home Counties and the Country with prices from £1 million - £15 million.
  • Acting for banks and lenders in financing the purchase and development of prime properties in Central London and the Home Counties with values from £1 million - £30 million.
  • Acting for LPA Receivers dealing with the sale of prime residential property in Central London and the South West with values from £1 million - £30 million.